WCES Math Students of the Week (8/31/2010)

Kindergarten Students: (Left to right) Cole Blackwell, Braxton Clark, Vedant Patel, Toby Jones, Amir Dwight

1st Grade Students: (Left to right) Angel Brown, Noah Gibbs, Amiyah Edwards, Abigail Lampp, Isaiah Turner

2nd Grade Students: (Left to right) Curtis Leflore, Gracie Paramore, Cam McBryde, Frantresa Parra, Lisa Shephard, KeyMariah Grace

3rd Grade Students: (Left to right) Jakail Crowder, Willie Blunt, Chastity Stephens, Amaya Brown, Esmerelda Torres (not pictured)

4th Grade Students: (Left to right) Mollie Shedd, Desmond Tisdol, Zach Langford, Dylan Smith, Cole Caldwell (not pictured)

5th Grade Students: (Left to right) Joshua Harrell, Kameron Bruce, Nick Keene, Seth Fehr, Alex Davis, LeahAunna Mahogany, Seth Satterfield, Felicity Amerson


Patriots Optimistic for Championship Defense

Take yourself back in time to December 12, 2009.  Outside of the Georgia Dome it is rainy and freezing, but inside it’s an entirely different story. The energy is high and cheering fills the atmosphere because little known Wilcox County has just won the 2009 Single A GHSA State Championship.  After accomplishing such a big feat, people all over Georgia found out just how serious football is to Wilcox County, and fans are aching to know how the 2010 season will play out. Head Coach Mark Ledford says that he’s expecting yet another strong season and especially after winning the state championship last year, Patriots are eager to defend their title.  On the defensive side of the ball, the Patriots have a lot of new faces, but Ledford feels that in time they could become really good.  Despite the fact that a lot of are players are new to the team, Ledford states that there are still a lot of experienced players, primarily on the offensive side of the ball, to help push the season forward. The Patriot’s first game of the season is on August 27th against Miller County at Donny Clack Stadium, and it promises to be a tough game.  This season is going to be a challenging one, with two major competitors. On September 8, Wilcox will travel to South Georgia to play the Clinch County Panthers, an aggressive team who is beyond ready to play the Patriots after being put out of the running for the state championship by them last season.  After that, on October 8, Charlton County, who was an AA power house last season, and will most definitely be a strong opponent, will come to play at Donny Clack Stadium. According to Ledford, the heat of this summer has really beaten down on the team.  They’ve had to cut multiple practices short, and take a lot of water breaks.  Even after the adversity the team has faced already, they are excited about the upcoming season and have high hopes for a strong fan support, just as they have had in the past.

New School Year, New Schedule

Wilcox County Schools have a new schedule, seven periods, and no break. The students at Wilcox High School came back to school to find out that there was a new bell schedule and an extra class period. The first week was just like any other first week except they had an extra class period and the break was in the afternoon. Instead of going the regular 8 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. they now go from 8 a.m. to 4:10 p.m.

Due to the economy, the administrators decided to remove Mondays from our school week and give an extra class period. By removing Mondays, it has helped save power and money. When the students aren’t at school on their day off, the lights and air conditioning is not used. The reason for the extra class period is that the students have to have a required amount of hours in at school in order to get all their credits.

No break? The Wilcox High School did not have a break as of the second week of school. Students were arguing about the break being in the afternoon only a class period before they got out of school. They wanted it in the morning. Some of the high school teachers go to the middle school and help out and teach a few classes. Since those  teachers have to go to the middle school, the students could not have break in the mornings. All summer long the school board, teachers, and principals tried to figure a few ways for it to work, but they would not find a way to make it work, so therefore the studnets had the break in the afternoon. Students complained and said they did not have enough time to use the restroom. The administrators took out the break and gave the students more time at lunch and more time between classes to go to their lockers and do whatever else they need to do.

Will it be like this next year? Assistant Principal, Kenneth Daniels, stated that he does not know what the school year will be like next year. He just lives one day at a time only worrying about today.

WCES Math Students of the Week (8/24/2010)

Kindergarten Students: (Left to right) Ry’Asia Mitchell, DaJa McNair, Zamirria Charles, Brayuna Deans, Diamond Burns


First Grade Students: (Left to right) Grady McBryant, Amya Brown, Bailee Barnard, Jake Rodeheaver, Ashlee Sapp

First Grade

Second Grade Students: (Left to right) Francisco Parra, Chrisavian Marshall, Chase Parks, Monica Carter, Kristi Childers, Heaven Clark

Second Grade

Third Grade Students: (Left to right) Josh Amerson, Sebastian Brannen, Brian Harrell, Janet Gonzalez, Lori Sutton

Third Grade

Fourth Grade Students: (Left to right) Calynn Rutledge, Chaeli Clack, Jamerical Marshall, Antonio Castro, TyKorian West

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade Students: (Left to right) Willie Moore, Michael Leverson, Haley Jelks, Quinetta Brown, Zy’Keria Fuller, Brandy Futch, Drake Warren, (not pictured) Justin Howell

Fifth Grade

Happy Feet!

The halls of Wilcox County High are a little brighter these days thanks to new assistant principal Kenneth Daniels.  It’s not just his outgoing personality, it’s his shoes!  Although known for his sense of style, the amazing thing is that he has a pair of shoes to match every outfit he owns!  When asked about this Daniels stated “I believe I own over thirty pairs of shoes.”  Daniels acknowledged that he enjoys shopping and even shops for his wife, “You would be surprised how little I pay for my clothes.” Daniels declared.  Although he has always had a sense of style, growing up on a farm in LA, or as Daniels clarifies, Lower Alabama, he did not always have the money to dress well.  Therefore, he promised himself that when he could afford it, he would have nice clothes.  Daniels was married at the young age of seventeen to an older woman, Linda; she was eighteen.  They’ve been married for thirty-seven years; they have four children and seven grandchildren.  Daniels says the first three weeks of school has been the best he’s ever had and he foresees a successful year.

WCHS Writing Test

Every high school student knows that sooner or later he/she have to take the “Writing Test.” It is a must to get a high school diploma. The first administration of the writing test will be on September 29, 2010. All the juniors are required to take it. They have about a month to prepare for the writing test, after coming back from summer vacation. They have only five chances to pass the writing test. The minimum to pass the test is a 200.

Each student will be given a limited amount of time for each section. The four sections on the test are; prewriting/brainstorm, writing, proofread/edit, and the final draft. All this will last an hour and forty five minutes.

English teachers in grades 9-11 are preparing the students for the test. They will help them improve and practice their writing skills, creativity, and organization. When it is time to take the test they will be ready.